Update Your House With A New Home Addition

Update Your House With A New Home Addition

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Does your house leave something to be desired? You don't have to move to start living in a bigger home. You can expand your living space by turning to Octopus Construction Inc. We build new home additions from start to finish and will help you make the changes you want.

Maybe you want to add a second story to your house. Maybe you just want to expand your kitchen. No matter how big the project, we'll make sure you end up with a space that matches your home and suits your needs. All work is done by licensed subcontractors.

Not sure what to expect? Get started with a free cost estimate when you contact us today.

No addition is too tough

With extensive home construction experience, the Octopus Construction team can build whatever you want to create your dream home. Consider...

  • Adding an extra bathroom or building a bigger kitchen to make your house feel luxurious
  • Installing a new screened-in patio or deck to give your home a comfortable outdoor living space
  • Building an extra bedroom to keep your house growing with your family

Discuss your home addition options with a skilled construction contractor and our team of licensed subcontractors. Call 407-709-9371 now.